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How top end 5 Star Hotels can differentiate.

Luxury 5 Star hotels operate at the pinnacle of their industry.

All offer exceptional facilities, amazing locations, and great customer experiences delivered by attentive staff who are consummate professionals. But this level of perfection brings its own challenge. How do these superb hotels truly differentiate themselves.

It must be the brand. What the brand stands for, the values it holds and what kind of world citizen the organisation strives to be.

There is of course real value in promoting facilities, location and those special moments. They all have a part to play in the great marketing patch-work. But 5 star hotels need to turn to their mission, values and greater vision to help carve out their position.

A great case in point is the recent Room 702 campaign films from Hilton. The films take time out from making reference to facilities or customer moments, instead we learn about the authentic stories of Ismaeil Dawod & Serby Castro. Fascinating narratives that serve to demonstrate Hilton’s greater vision & values.

It’s my view that the inherent confidence behind this type of narrative based marketing speaks volumes about a brand and effectively does deliver those highly valuable points of differentiation.

Congratulations to all that worked on the campaign!

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